I Can’t stop eating JUNK FOOD!!!

Do you feel like you cant stop eating junk food???

In the car… at your desk… with friends at a party… at home in front of the TV? … standing over the kitchen sink…. or maybe you don’t need an excuse – you just crave junk food!!!

And how often do we just say ‘I’m only going to eat one handful’… ‘a couple bites’… ‘just a taste?’!!

Once that package is open, most people end up eating more than they meant too Much more….


The food industry has expertly created cheap, easily accessible products that our taste buds….. and our brains ….  cannot resist.

They even take advantage of our evolutionary preferences for certain types of textures and flavors. Yup, our brains are actually hardwired to want more of these artificial concoctions.


All this junk food might be delicious and fun to eat… but its creating a huge problem!!  It’s creating a vicious circle of cravings, guilt, and feeling out-of-control — not to mention its BAD FOR OUR HEALTH!!!

Certain foods are actually designed to make us overeat.

Here’s the truth: There’s a whole industry dedicated to creating food that’s hyperpalatable — food that’s so tasty it’s nearly irresistible.

Your body and brain are responding exactly as they’re supposed to. It’s supposed to feel almost unnatural to stop eating these foods!  We are not talking about food like celery sticks, whole brown rice, or baked salmon filets.  (How often do you hear yourself say, “I ate sooo much steamed asparagus! I just couldn’t stop myself!” Haha- I bet  you have  never said that!!!!

Its all about  the processed foods!!

Processed foods are foods that have been modified from their original, whole-food form in order to change their flavor, texture, or shelf-life. Sometimes, they’re altered so that they hit as many pleasure centers as possible — from our brains to our mouths to our bellies!!

There are four sneaky ways processed food can make us overeat. Check to see if any of these 4 factors affect you.

Remember… KNOWLEDGE  = power.

1. Marketing convinces us that processed foods are “healthy”.

You’ll see chips “prepared with avocado oil,” sugary cereal “made with flaxseeds,” or creamy chip dip with “real spinach.” The nutritional content of those foods isn’t really that impressive, but with words like “prepared with avocado oil,” sugary cereal “made with flaxseeds,” or creamy chip dip with “real spinach.”  They  make us perceive/believe them as healthier.

2. Big portions make us think we’re getting a “good deal”.

We’re taught to save money and not waste food. We’re taught to buy more for less. The long term affects will be detrimental to our health – If  we eat these foods  consistently over time, we will eventually pay the price with our health.


3. Variety makes us hungrier.

Choice excites us…….         Think of a self-serve frozen yogurt topping bar:
“Ooh! Sprinkles! And nuts! Oh, and they have those mini peanut butter cups! And granola clusters! Wait, are those crushed cookies?? And cheesecake chunks??! YES! Now on to the drizzles…”
Before you know it, there‘s a leaning tower of frozen dessert in front of you.  When we have lots of variety, we have lots of appetite.

It’s hard to overeat tons of one thing, with one flavor, like apples.

Reduce the variety and we also reduce distraction from our body’s built-in self-regulating signals. When we’re not so excited with all the choices, we’re more likely to slow down, eat mindfully, and eat less.


4. Multiple flavors at once are irresistible.

If there’s a party in your mouth, you can guarantee that at least two out of three of the following guests will be there:




These three flavors — the sweetness of sugar, the mouth melting fat, and the sharp savory of salt — are favorites among our tastebuds.

Think of the comforting combination of fat and sugar, found in baked goods, fudge, ice cream, cookies, chocolate, etc…… A a salted chocolate brownie, (my favorite)

Want help becoming the healthiest, fittest, strongest version of you?

We know that regular movement, eating well, sleep, and stress management are very important to feeling and being healthy.

Apply this knowledge to your life!!!! Remember… Knowledge is POWER!!!!!


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Im Cheryl- Im very passionate about Exercise + Nutrition + Health = Wellness!!! Anything and all things that fall under the umbrella of fitness. I have a degree in Exercise Science, and have been living it, studying and having fun with it!!!

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