Be successful in your nutrition

Do you want to be successful in your nutrition?

1. Consistency

Being consistent is a big deal!! If you want to stay in control of your weight loss journey, You NEED to be consistent!

Does your internal conversation go like this?

Monday: “No more bread, pasta or rice because I want to have rock hard abs in two weeks!”   Friday: I guess I’ll have a third piece of pizza.  Sunday: I am so unhappy with my body. No bread this week and I mean it! *tosses all the bread out in the garbage*- ???


 If you are very  inconsistent with your food intake throughout the week. You are not going to see or feel what is going on with your body and how it reacts to what you give it.

Consistency gives us a clear picture of what’s going on. It gives us a reliable idea of what we’re doing and when  or where  are we going to  make changes. A helpful way to think about this is  that each one of us is like a constantly moving, constantly evolving experiment. We have all kinds of things that help influence our behavior and our decision making, and our bodies are incredibly adept at changing how much you do or do not move based on how much you’re feeding it.

So like all good scientists, we want to try and keep one of these variables stable to see if we can start to elicit some change. So the easiest variable to keep constant is food intake. The more consistent you are with your nutrition, the more you will know- based on the data and feedback we get. Remember…. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!

Consistency also means that you’re likely ingraining good behaviors that are going to help you stay successful at this for the rest of your life. It means that you’re working on those behaviors and actions that help you get to those numbers on a daily basis, and people who develop those skills tend to be successful for a lifetime.



2.  Mindset

Dr. Carol Dweck, from Stanford University, has a great book about behavior change – Mindset. In it, Dr. Dweck specifically laid out the difference between two mindsets: a growth mindset and a fixed mindset.

Dweck says that those who had a fixed mindset are typically people who believe that many of our qualities are fixed traits. For people who have a fixed mindset, things like beauty, intelligence, and willpower are largely set and unchangeable. Whereas those who had a growth mindset believe that most basic abilities merely represent a starting place and that with time and effort just about any skill or attribute can be improved.

So….. a fixed mindset plays out in the real world. Especially when talking about dieting.

Weighing food, tracking, measuring, and moderating yourself are all skills that we can develop with time and practice. They represent things that we can grow into. It gets easier!

Your first attempt at trying something new might be hard. What it does do, is represent a starting point. Let yourself try, fail, and try again.

These are where the lessons are learned, and it’s in those lessons that change happen.


3. Forgiveness

We can be so hard on ourselves!!!! Especially after we slip up on something we are working on. We are our own worst enemy!!!


We will mess up!! PERIOD! Forgive yourself and move on. Don’t wait till Monday or the first of the month, or even New Years. If you messed up, make sure that next meal the right meal.

…..  we’re not perfect…  even though our Instagram may say we are.

It’s important to know that we all screw up. It happens. Time to move on.

Sometimes life is hard! We have thoughts, feelings, emotions, wants, needs, desires, and all kinds of other things that come with trying to navigate our way through the world.

It’s gonna happen on your diet, in the gym, at your workplace, and in your family life. The important thing to understand about mistakes is that they provide an opportunity for reflection, understanding, and learning…. this is  where the growth mindset happens.

Work on trying to understand  why it happened, and what you can do in the future to try and handle that same kind of situation better.

And then forgive yourself, accept that it happened, and move on with your life.

Nobody has the time to walk around beating themselves up for the cookie they had last Friday.


If  you are well educated on nutrition and different foods, then you can make wise choices when faced with difficult situations…

You dont want to be scrambling with a calculator to ‘fit in’ a specific treat. Instead, focus on high quality foods within your caloric requirements.  Training and nutrition education is empowering, and highly effective dieters use this to their advantage to succeed in transforming their bodies.

Remember, knowledge is power!!!  Use it to empower you to make good decisions!


5. Select one daily discipline (habit)

Or a  non-negotiable behavior and stick with it until it becomes a healthy habit. Pick an easy one to help keep you motivated.  Slower and consistent steps always create better results. Don’t go for a quick fix….  You could eat off a smaller plate, have soup twice a week for dinner or something that will lead to a good healthy habit.

Winners have a strategy or plan in place for occasions when temptation may show up. If you are going to a function and you know the only food choices will be deep fried calorie laden snacks, eat in advance. If you go feeling sated, you are less likely to be tempted to eat poor choices.

Have a plan!!!

Can you do it?

6. Avoiding The Comparison Trap

If we’re not careful, it can be far too easy to wind up constantly feeling down about our life, our body, our relationships, and anything else under the sun whenever we get wrapped up in the comparison trap.


When we start beating ourselves up for the things we don’t have that other people do, we have to remind ourselves that we don’t live the life of that person. We don’t have their struggles, their wants, or their wins. We don’t have their body, their goals.

 The worst thing we can do on our healthy journey…… is start trying to compare  ourselves to other people as a measuring stick.

The only measuring stick that we can reasonably use is ourselves. We can look into our past, see how we’ve behaved in similar situations, and use that as a measure to see if we’ve improved or made strides.

A comparison you can do, is comparing yourself to a year ago, and how you looked in that dress. Or it might be comparing to a number you put up on a lift.  You should work to make that kind of comparison, as you’re judging against the person who really matters: you.

7. Have a support system!!

Someone you can be accountable to-  is there someone in your life that you respect and admire? It can be a parent, a friend, a sibling, a significant other…  Whoever that person is in your life, go to that person, tell them you’re looking to make ‘xyz’ healthy lifestyle changes, and ask them to touch base with you regularly.


Most importantly, don’t be so hard on yourself on the days you fall off track. Just get back on track as quickly as possible without guilt, depression or a feeling of failure. It’s just a bad day. Put it behind you and move on because you are AWESOME!

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Im Cheryl- Im very passionate about Exercise + Nutrition + Health = Wellness!!! Anything and all things that fall under the umbrella of fitness. I have a degree in Exercise Science, and have been living it, studying and having fun with it!!!

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