Be kind to your body!!

Stop telling yourself  “there’s no way I could ever do that”… Look for the good things your body can do. Decide and CHOOSE to be inspired!

Do what you enjoy doing. Discover what you’re good at. Find something that makes you say Wow, I can do this… Start something new, that you have been wanting to do. You may stumble upon something that you love doing. Try Boxing, pilates or archery. Continue to explore it further and uncover your potential.

Always always keep in mind this truth — your body is your body, and while you can change many things about it, there are things that you can’t change.

You can build lean-body mass, lose fat, get strong, improve your cardio. Work on your coordination and balance….. health markers, You can learn new skills…. There are thing that you’re good at.

Stop looking and comparing yourself to others. Stop looking outward.  Look inward for your direction and validation.

You can’t change how tall or short you are. You can’t change the shape of your pelvis, your age, or where your body stores most of its fat and unfortunately where it looses fat first and last. Your body is unique and is determined by your unique DNA.

What you can change, is how you view it!! Stop thinking bad thoughts about your body!! Its pretty amazing!

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Im Cheryl- Im very passionate about Exercise + Nutrition + Health = Wellness!!! Anything and all things that fall under the umbrella of fitness. I have a degree in Exercise Science, and have been living it, studying and having fun with it!!!

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