Exercise Snacking

Ever hear of ‘exercise snacking’?

If your struggling to start exercising or your life is too busy to fit it in…


Change Your Mindset, Improve Your Health


I love this term “exercise snack” because it is a powerful way to change how some of us think about exercise.

Some of us may view exercise as a dreaded chore.

To snack on exercise is to do several short periods of exercise throughout the day….  It ALL adds up!


Climb a set of stairs 3 times a day.

Walk to the end of your street,

Do body weight squats for 60 sec – 3 times a day.

Or push ups (or wall push up) for 60 sec -3 times a day

Hold a plank for 60 sec- 3 times a day

The list is endless!!!!

Give it a try!! It will increase those ‘feel good’ endorphins!!


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Im Cheryl- Im very passionate about Exercise + Nutrition + Health = Wellness!!! Anything and all things that fall under the umbrella of fitness. I have a degree in Exercise Science, and have been living it, studying and having fun with it!!!

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