Individual Nutrition Coaching

What I offer –

We will work together closely to overcome any and all challenges you face.

Individualized  macro/caloric prescription based upon your goals

Caloric goal – carbohydrates/fat/protein

I work a plan that works with habits, schedule, and lifestyle

factors such as sleep, medication, or workout routine help gauge the areas we  need to focus on. Also any other areas of life that may stand in the way of hitting those goals!

nutrient timing

supplement recommendations (supplements like ZMA, or omegas, magnesium. I don’t promote any brand)


Included in the plan:

Weekly phone calls or FaceTime (depends on clients preference)

Access to me via text, phone, or email, with any questions or concerns.

I supply  a spreadsheet to track weight and macros/calories

In the weekly call, we talk about accomplishments, ways to improve, check on sleep and energy levels, and any other concerns. 


My nutritional approach is based on the idea of complete “food freedom”


I believe in boundaries, not restrictions, so no foods are off limits and guilt is off the menu

Your goals, your lifestyle and your objectives are always MY goal!




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